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Announcement on Resumption of WEOWNS V3 Trading market



  • Mashegoane Zacharia Montjane

    1. Is a member ot coinstore who will be making themigration from (v2) to (v3) for us?

    2. What will happen with our weowns which are already on open orders such as on sell limit orders as well as ZNDC/USDT but orders in our wallets?

    3. What will happen with our logged weowns in our wallets?

    4. Is the time 14:00 (UTC + 8) a South African time? If not, what is the corresponding South African time in this regard?

    5. May you put the processes of how to execute all the above activities especially those which are to be done by members in the YouTube.


  • Mashegoane Zacharia Montjane

    Which weowns are (v2) and (v3)? Please expanciate


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